What Would Facebook And Twitter Be Without Daily Quotations?

Take away daily quotations from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms and imagine what happens. Even the most dynamic and potent communication vehicles ushered by the Internet can start to look drab or uninspiring. That’s how important daily quotations are these days.

That’s why champion tweeters and bloggers alike always have daily quotes tucked under their belt so they can have something to depend on when the going gets tough. Traffic is still the holy grail of all websites and portals.

And regardless of what happens, this fact will remain. Facebook boasts of 1.86 billion users as of late 2016 and counting. The social media behemoth is trying to hold on to its supremacy by foraying into online games and virtual reality. It is also flexing its muscles as the number one source of news worldwide.

Of course, when it comes to news, daily quotes are a regular fare. Every reader wants to know what Donald Trump and other opinion leaders are actually saying. There’s simply no better way to dish out daily quotations by sprinkling them with quotation marks in between.

Timing is everything, so the earlier daily quotes are served from the moment of utterance by the world’s influential people, the more likely the general public will gobble them up with gusto. It’s just like serving gourmet food to a hungry pet.

The steamier the daily quotes, the better. Readers don’t like to read he said or she said loaded with plenty of paraphrasing. They prefer the real thing, that is, all those juicy words between quotation marks.

Reading eyes naturally look for two sets of quote markers in order to verify what was said exactly by the authority. Analysis or drawing conclusions only serve a secondary function in the current events scheme of things.

From the way daily quotes are being literally devoured by the teeming masses, there’s simply no end in sight. And that’s why most journalists, bloggers, and other writers have made it a habit to collect famous daily quotations from the four corners of the globe. That way, they always have something to make a feature story out of when breaking news seems to be taking its sweet time.

Meanwhile, it’s becoming a well-ingrained practice among readers to copy as well as save daily quotes on their smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs. This is usually one of the main reasons why the drives of these electronic devices easily get filled. Of course, people can always migrate their treasure trove of daily quotes to the cloud such as those offered for free by Microsoft and Google.

But even these generous and free spaces are becoming more and more like a precious real estate. Clearly, the habit of hoarding has moved from actual shopping to online information collection. Even Instagram and other picture-oriented social media are catching up with dishing an increasing volume of images with daily quotations thrown here and there.

One possible danger so similar to the fake news phenomenon is putting words in the mouths of authorities and celebrities. Daily quotes concerned can become totally fabricated. Readers should watch out for this trending malpractice.

Purported sources are often the first to be surprised when these daily quotations are attributed to them. Some claimed sources might accept daily quotations as theirs because these quotes make them sound smart or authoritative. However, a great majority of untruthful daily quotations often result in some scandal or word war.

Sometimes, though, the source verification for daily quotations could get blurred by verification. This happens a lot to Trump, Kellyanne Conway and even White House press secretary Sean Spicer. Of course, opinion leaders always have the option to delete their tweets.

That doesn’t mean, however, that daily quotes have been completely flushed out. Deleted daily quotations always leave a digital imprint no matter how efficient the source is at canceling social media and other public posts. Besides, many people just love the copy and save function especially when it applies to daily quotes.

Even courts of justice are starting to become nimble at handling daily quotes as material evidence. To-date, the two most popular daily quotes online are wise sayings from philosophers and other great thinkers. For example, the quote “Content is king” has been attributed to many different personages.

After this type of quotes, daily quotes from the Bible are steadily gaining popularity. In fact, originators often embellish the daily quotations with thought-provoking pictures. This practice only makes daily quotes even more appealing.

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