What You Should Know About Drug Testing

According to the American Management Association (AMA), 62% of US employers have a drug-testing program. That is because of the need to safeguard company reputation, comply with regulations, facilitate a drug-free working environment, and guarantee employee safety.

US companies employ around 75% of drug users. This makes American businesses to lose more than $80 billion every year. 12 million out of the 22 million US drug users are in full-time employment despite having substance abuse disorder. The use of amphetamines in the US workforce has increased by around 5%.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is a US federal agency that mandates all federal workplaces to test all potential hires for opiates, cocaine, and marijuana among other drugs. The prescribed test methods are:

  1. Hair follicle test
  2. Blood test
  3. Saliva test
  4. Urine test

A Drug-Free Work Environment

Drug users cost companies 300% more in medical benefits. According to studies, drug users are 20 times more absent at work than non-users. A drug user will be 1/3 less productive.

  • Companies desire a drug-free environment for good reasons. A drug-free workplace is associated with:
  1. Reduced absenteeism
  2. Safety
  3. Reduction in personal injury claims
  4. Lower medical benefits
  5. Increased employee morale
  6. Increased productivity

Therefore, if you have a pending job interview and you are a drug user, you must take every step to make sure that you pass the pre-employment drug test and you lower the possibility of failing the random tests that will happen unannounced.

Step 1: From the moment that you know you have a pending job interview, you should stop using drugs.

Step 2: Carry out measures that will make you pass the pre-employment drug test such as natural detoxification or artificial detoxification using Azo pills drug test.

Step 3: Put in place measures for reducing or stopping drug usage because even if you pass the pre-employment test and you get the job chances are that you will fail a random drug test if you continue using drugs while you are working.

Instances of Drug Testing

  • Pre-employment

In most cases, drug testing is part of the pre-employment process. This decreases the possibility of hiring a drug user.

  • Random

Some companies have random drug testing. This comes unannounced, a number of times in a year. The purpose of this is to discourage drug use. An employee who tests positive will be fired or face serious penalties.

  • Reasonable Suspicion

Some unusual signs might make management to suspect that an employee is using drugs. If that is the case, one might be subject to a drug test. Signs that might raise suspicion include argumentative behavior, confronting employer, low work performance, and frequent absence from work.

Drug Testing Techniques

There are a number of drug testing techniques. The most common ones are urine test and hair follicle test.

  1. Hair Follicle Test

This involves assessing the presence of drug metabolites in hair follicles. To pass a hair follicle test, you will need to use a special shampoo to remove drug buildups in your hair. You should use such a shampoo a number of days prior to your drug test. If you want to know the best shampoo that will help you pass the test, you should about Testclear. Testclear can really help for anyone that is looking to pass a drug test.

  1. Urine Drug Test

This is the most common drug test. Employers like it because of its reliability and accuracy. Azo pills drug test will help you to pass a urine test.

Popular Approaches for Passing the Urine Drug Test

  1. Detoxification using exercising and dieting- This will work well if you are a light or moderate drug user. If you are a heavy user, you will need more time.
  1. Over the counter detoxification products-, these are suitable for heavy users or drug users who have very little time left before the interview day.

6 Factors for Successfully Passing a Pre-employment Drug Test

  1. As soon as you know about a pending drug test, stop using drugs.
  2. Determine if you are a light, moderate, or heavy drug user.
  3. Determine the time you have left before the drug test.
  4. Basing on your findings above, choose the most effective method of natural detoxification and using OTC detoxification products.
  5. If you decide to use OTC products, you will need to find highly reputable products.
  6. A few days before the drug test, you should carry out a home test to see if drugs have cleared from your system.

The Bottom-Line

You need to pass the drug test. If you fail it, you will miss a job opportunity that could have changed your life. You should, therefore, do everything possible to pass a drug test.

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